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Kerr County DWI Cases


Like most rural Texas counties, Kerr County takes all Driving While Intoxicated cases very seriously.  You can expect prosecutors and judges to be very aggressive.  That being said, hiring an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable defense lawyer will be the most important decision you make after your arrest.  If you do not hire a lawyer before your first court date, you will be arraigned by the judge who will give you an opportunity to speak with the County or District Attorney without your lawyer present.  DO NOT WAIVE YOUR RIGHT TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION!!! If you cannot afford a lawyer, the court MUST appoint one for you Pleading NOT GUILTY at the first court appearance gives you an opportunity to fight for yourself or to at least allow your attorney to get involved to make sure the state possesses the necessary evidence to support any conviction.

It is never a good idea to wait to hire a lawyer after your arrest.  There are collateral cases that arise from a DWI arrest that involve your driver’s license and require you or your lawyer to take action within two weeks of being arrested. Sometimes in Kerr County it may take 5-6 months after your arrest before you appear in court.  By then it is too late to save your license from an administrative suspension.  As your lawyer I will handle all these matters under one umbrella.  My fee doesn’t change to handle your Driver’s License issues that come along with your DWI. If you have been arrested for DWI in Kerr County or the surrounding counties, call me today for a free consultation.