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Case Summaries

  • Dismissed S.S. DWI Travis County
    SS was traveling through Austin on her way home to East Texas , when police pulled her over for not using a turn signal . She pulled over promptly and cooperated with the officer’s directions to perform field sobriety tests. She was arrested and taken to jail where she provided a breath sample over .13. We set her case for trial and resolved it with a plea to Obstruction of a Highway/Passageway and a dismissal of the DWI charge.
  • Dismissed N.W. Terroristic Threat Williamson County
    NW was arrested following a “road rage” incident in Williamson County. NW had never been in trouble before and the details of the incident were sketchy. After doing some things up front the prosecutors dismissed the charge.
  • Dismissed DC Theft Travis County
    DC is a local professional who accidentally didn’t pay for some items at the cash register at the grocery store. Theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude and can be detrimental to anyone, let alone someone with licensed profession. DC took a class and did some community service and the charge was dismissed.
  • Dismissed PB Possession of Marijuana Travis County
    PB was with some friends at a local park in Austin when 2 police officers spotted them smoking marijuana. PB has several prior pot arrests but we were able to get this charge dismissed with a plea to a class C Paraphernalia charge with a deferred disposition.
  • Dismissed MG Theft Travis County/Coryell County/Lampasas County
    MG came to us with 3 warrants for Theft charges in three different counties. After a lot of research, drive time, and some community service and classes up front, we were able to get ALL 3 charges flat dismissed and expunction eligible.
  • Dismissed JG Theft Williamson County
    JG was just 17 when charged with shoplifting in Williamson County. Rather than start his adult life with a criminal record, JG took a class and performed some community service to receive a dismissal of the charge and keep the arrest expunction eligible.
  • Continued JT Probation Revocation Travis County
    JT was on a DWI probation in Travis County and absconded for 6 months. Once he realized he had a warrant he called me and I was able to get it withdrawn with a normal summons. We appeared in court, paid off his probation fees and provided some clean drug tests and had his probation continued and closed without him ever going to jail.
  • Dismissed SW Possession of Marijuana Travis County
    SW had never been charged with a criminal offense before when she came to me after her arrest for Possession of Marijuana. As you may have heard, while Travis County prosecutes all cases, they will work with first time offenders with small amounts. We did a class and community service up front in exchange for a dismissal of the charge.
  • Dismissed SS Possession of Marijuana Williamson County
    SS was a high school student caught with less than an ounce of pot. She was unable to afford the Pretrial Intervention Program fees so we were able to get the prosecutors to permit her to do everything she would have to do in the program (clean UAs, community service, and classes) took a dismissal of the charges.
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