A Loved One Arrested Providing Hope Despite Your Troubled Times

A Loved One Arrested

Arrested in Austin? Now What?

It is three (3) in the morning, you’re sound asleep when the phone rings. You peep at your phone and don’t recognize the number, so you slam it down and roll over. It rings again, same number, this time you answer angrily to see what the hell is going on that’s so important at this hour. It’s a recorded voice informing you the origination of your call is “Travis County Jail” and the inmate on the phone is your loved one or dear friend and your number is the only one they had memorized.

Now, you’re wide awake, and concerned. You’re tasked with getting this loved one out of jail, but you know nothing of this process, other than maybe a bail bondsman, or a lawyer can help. You grab your laptop and search for ideas, hopefully, this blog appears and you take a chance and click on it.

DO NOT call a bondsman first. In Travis County, it’s very common for lawyers to facilitate jail releases. Lawyers are potentially, the quickest way to obtain a bond. I can go see your loved one immediately, have them fill out a Personal Bond form, walk the paperwork over to Pretrial Services and get a recommendation then head down for a judge’s signature. I can even waive magistration in most cases so your loved one doesn’t have to wait to see a judge. Only a lawyer can waive magistration!

When you hire a bondsman, you’re typically paying a premium of 10% of the bond amount, along with collateral and co-signers, depending on the charge and the amount of the bond. Once that money is paid, it is gone forever. You don’t get it back. When you hire me for a jail release, I will quote you a flat fee up front, and will accept payment over the phone. Further, I will apply any money you pay for the jail release to your subsequent legal fees on the new charge. If I am unable to obtain the jail release for you, then I will let you know that information up front and give you direction from there.

Let Attorney Will Mitchell Help Get Your Loved One Out of Police Custody

Whether it’s the first time, or the next time, you receive that 3 AM phone call from the county jail, The Law Office of Will Mitchell can help free your loved one as quickly as possible. With more than 15 years of experience, Will can also guide your loved one through the complexities of the criminal justice system to avoid conviction or serving any jail or prison time.

If your loved one has been arrested in Austin, Travis County, or Central Texas, contact us today at (512) 858-8611 and schedule a free consultation.